Singapore’s 56th Birthday is approaching. To celebrate this meaningful milestone, Tokenize Xchange is happy to announce some of our big Crypto Earn & Dual Earn updates.

1. Introducing new Dual Earn pairs:

Obtain the highest possible reward while satisfying your digital asset risk appetite with Dual Earn. Regardless of market moving higher or lower, users are still able to earn from the crypto rewards.

Two new Dual Pairs will be added to the list from this 9th August:

  • TKX-MATIC 12% P.A
  • TKX-INJ 33% P.A

2. Adjusted Crypto Earn rates:

Tokenize Crypto Earn allows you to safely deposit your cryptocurrencies with us to earn monthly interests in your crypto.

  • APR (Annual Percentage…


Earn up to 100 TKX by inviting your friends!


You will get 5 TKX for every friend who signs up, pass KYC and trade 1000USD worth of crypto with Tokenize Xchange.

Your friends will get 5 TKX too by using the referral link upon successful onboard and trade 1000USD worth of crypto.

Earn up to 20 TKX by joining the webinar

Want to earn more TKX? On top of the referral commission, invite your friends to attend our Axie Infinity webinar!

If your friend attends the webinar, signs up and passes KYC from 1st August to 31st August 2021, both of you will receive an additional 5 TKX!

**Limited to 20 TKX per user.

Tran Bao Tram

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